Gates Foundation email response

The following is the Gates Foundation response to questions about global warming.  Rec'd  Feb.16, 2009

Subject: RE: Quick questions about Global Warming - Climate Destabilization

Dear Richard,

Thank you for reaching out to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Early on, Bill and Melinda Gates agreed to focus on a few areas of giving, choosing where to place their money by asking two questions: Which problems affect the most people? And which have been neglected in the past? With that in mind, they decided that the three areas where we can make the greatest difference are improving global health, giving people a chance to lift themselves out of hunger and extreme poverty, and strengthening education in the United States. (Read more at:

The foundation believes that climate change is a major issue facing all of us. The implications, however, are especially dire for people in developing countries because they are primarily in tropical areas and rely heavily on agriculture and other sectors most vulnerable to changes in their environment. They also have the fewest resources to adapt to these changes.

While the foundation is not directly involved in climate change efforts, our work in global health and development-including efforts to cultivate drought-resistant crops and strengthen health systems-helps communities adapt to changes in the environment. Ultimately, we take action, including our global health and development work, to empower people to make their communities more resilient to all the challenges they face, including climate change.

The following web links should also be useful to you:

• Information about the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation trust:

• Financial information about both the foundation and the asset trust:

• Investment policy information:

• Frequently Asked Questions:

• Bill Gates' annual letter (in which he discusses the effects of climate change on agricultural development):

Foundation Media Team
From: Richard Pauli []
Sent: Friday, February 13, 2009 12:40 PM
To: Media
Subject: Quick questions about Global Warming - Climate Destabilization

To the Media Relations Dept,

I hope you can help me with a few questions about the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

As a blogger and citizen journalist with a very small readership to, I have been looking into the issue of global warming and changes ahead.

If you will permit a few questions, I hope these are simple enough to respond with links.

Regarding the foundation asset trust investments:
Do you have a current list of stock holdings?
As the Trust will not invest in tobacco stocks; are there other categories of stocks that are forbidden? Such as military weaponry, coal companies, etc?

Does the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have any stated policy on
global climate change or climate destabilization or global warming?

Does the Foundation make any grants directly related to adaptation or mitigation of climate change?

Thank you so much for your response,


Richard Pauli


I am a Ghanaian scientist working on HIV and AIDS in Ghana. I would be grateful to access Gates Foundation fund to fight disease.
ME Aryeetey

I want to thank you for all your good work and serious efforts with treating AIDS, mitigating suffering and preventing HIV. Your work is very important.

I am in no way connected with the Gates Foundation, but I wish you best of luck in contacting them directly. You can do so via their web page of I hear they are very busy, you should get a response from contacting them directly.

Although the Gates Foundation may not agree with my posting, you may agree with one point - namely that diseases of malaria, schistosomiasis and dengue are all sensitive to global warming changes. I don't ask the Gates foundation to treat global warming - only to acknowledge and respect the connection.

I wish you all success in your research. And thank you again for all that you do.

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Gates Foundation email response
The following is the Gates Foundation response to questions about global warming. Rec'd Feb.16, 2009 =================================Subject: RE: Quick questions about…
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